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This is the most exciting the technology business has been in years. The caliber of people, ideas, and business initiatives we are seeing today is unprecedented. Technology has literally come out of the back closet and is on everyone’s mind, as well as in their pockets, their living rooms and everywhere else.

Technology has become personal.

But it’s always been personal to me. It was personal when I helped start the first SAP practices in the Americas, when I launched my SAP business in China, when I founded one of the first enterprise software-as-a-service companies (HostLogic), and when I built out the virtual consulting model at the ERP Consulting Exchange.

Today my personal focus is technological enablement of core SAP functions — Financials and Logistics, among others. I not only create entire new systems but am also “hands-on” in building out existing systems with innovative capabilities to reduce cost-of-ownership, accelerate time-to-revenue and enhance customer loyalty.

That’s why I launched this website. I want to reach out in a personal way to colleagues, business partners, and fellow technology adventurists. This is just me, Herbert Goetz, “unbound,” and ready to engage with you on today’s big tech business topics.

Feel free to contact me directly. This is a great time in tech, and I hope this website becomes a place for many more great conversations.

So let’s talk!

My Contact Info

ERP Consulting Exchange
2234 North Federal Highway
Suite 450
Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA

Phone: +1 561 810 1650

hpgoertz (at) erpcx.com

Looking for Platinum SAP Consulting?

Engage with my personal network of Platinum SAP Consultants. These are elite consultants with proven SAP experience over multiple full lifecycle implementations in project leadership and advanced technical roles, and were all personally vetted by me. Please contact me for more information.