A Year of Innovation for SAP Consultants


As we look back on 2016, it’s clear this was no ordinary year. Part of what makes 2016 special are all the innovations going on in SAP consulting, and how they all connect.

You expect constant SAP innovation on the product side. HANA, the cloud, big data analytics, and blockchain (just coming over the horizon) are clear examples. And what product innovations like these have in common are two themes: they deliver more value to the customer and they disrupt the status quo. Indeed, when it comes to technology, the word “disruptive” is almost part of the very definition of the word “innovation” itself.

But 2016 has also seen significant innovations on the implementation side as well. And these innovations also share two themes in common. The first, like in product innovation, is to deliver more value. But the second theme, very unlike the product side, is to mitigate disruption. That’s by making SAP implementations faster, less expensive, and much more likely to actually deliver the functionality the customer expects. We’ve written about three of these implementation side innovations this year — Agile, Lean, and storytelling Read More...