Engaging Social Shoppers Takes Big Platforms

There is nothing small about the challenges or opportunities of turning today’s social shoppers into your customers. You need to answer questions like: Where do they shop? What do they buy? What brands to they tweet about? What brands to their friends tweet about? What retailers to they visit online? What content do they subscribe to? Yes it is massive — but in today’s socially enabled cloud environment — it is also highly available and can be readily analyzed for creating smarter, more directed consumer experiences.

The facts are compelling:

  • One-third of consumer spending will be influenced by social shopping

  • Cross brand business opportunities will reach $101.3B by 2015

  • In five years 95% of current applications are expected to be hosed in the cloud

  • Corporate survey respondents say that big data has already improved business performance on average by 26% and they expect the impact will grow to 49% over the next three years

That’s not surprising. Social shoppers are, after all, social. So, compared to other shoppers, they are more likely to know when a retailer is talking to them — because they’re always online and because the offers they get on their mobile devices are more individually tailored. And since these shoppers are social, they are more likely to discuss these tailored offers with their online friends — so the benefits of social shopper engagement are compounded.

Think BIG when Scaling Your Implementation Team

But to make this work you need scale — in terms of both your technology platforms and your consulting and implementation teams.

On the technical side, you need massive amounts of data and massive analytical power to process it all — and process it fast enough to get the shoppers attention before they’ve left the store. In other words, to reap the full benefits of big data requires a BIG big data platform — like the kind IBM is showing off at this year’s CeBIT — as its recent video shows.

But you also need scale on the implementation side — which is why we invented the
ERPCX virtual consulting model. Our SAP Loyalty Management Implementation Network is a global network of SAP consultants, mobility and marketing experts. And because it is virtual it can scale to fit any size projects. You get enterprise size SAP expertise when you need it, and don’t pay for it when you don’t. That’s not just big. It’s the right fit for today’s fast growing, fast moving socially enabled cloud environment.